my period is so horrible right now

i think this is the end

it literally feels like i’m dying

is this CANCER


i’m done

Now i want chocolate

but we don’t have chocolate

I don’t think i’d mind walking 5 miles to go get chocolate

Now i want…



my twin brother is trying to convince me to have our 16th birthday dinner tomorrow night at Buffalo Wild Wings


the spare

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boy nipples are weird

girl nipples are weird

the word nipple is weird

the phrase nip nops is weird

That’s why you call them sensitive chest raisins.

first of all, no

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Anonymous was like: Oh no, I told myself at a young age that I would never be able to work in anything involving food. It would gross me out far too much. Good for you though that you have a job! Just think through every hour how you're going to spend what you made or what you're going to save it for. It helps a lot in shotty jobs like that. 

i only have this job so i can have money for gas and car insurance. i’m not looking forward to it but what am i gonna do about it 😂 and i went behind the counter and in the back and it’s extremly clean back there no need to get sick :)

Anonymous was like: Well, okay. Hello again. How was your day? What's your favorite movie? If you were dropped into a well with nobody around to help you out what would be the first thing you would do? 

hi again 

My day was okay. i started my first day working at mcdonalds :(((((

My favorite movie would have to be clueless because honestly i can’t pick a favorite movie i have so many that are my babies

If I was dropped in a well with no one around the first thing i’d do is cry and then sit down because standing leaves me out of breath and then i’d see if there was wifi

Anonymous was like: Don't cry 

thanks for messaging me i love ya 

message me again :)